Ver La Fuerza de la Destino es sólo un Capítulo 13 Novela

Ver La Fuerza de la Destino es sólo un Capítulo 13 Novela- Hola con todos aquí pueden ver La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 13. Paratuamor.NET puedes apreciar todas tus telenovelas favoritas en español en alta definición HD, Juan Jaime (Juan Ferrara) finds that some gringos sent an email to the club. Saul (Ferdinando Valencia) announced that McGuire would want to invest in the region, Juan Jaime is getting excited at the idea of ​​selling its packaging.

Juan Jaime said farmers, McGuire offered to support farmers borrow money to make such guarantees.

Later, Juan Jaime offers Lucrecia (Rosa María Bianchi), the rent of their country supports them and is part of the gain. Carlota (Delia Casanova) objects, suggesting that if they get into the house McGuire offered as security for a loan.

In this great telenovela also tell Maripaz and comes with a few friends met at the hotel to ask for money to David, who pushed more discretion. Maripaz to ask a question, then he opens his mouth.

Lucy (Sandra Echeverria) and talk to Lucrecia investment and find another director. Lucia suggested Gerardo (Alejandro Tommasi), Lucrecia refuses.

Ivan (David Zepeda) says Anthony (Pedro Armendariz Jr.), received his answer mail from Saul, John and James choose the president of an association of farmers, to go the same weekend. Juan Jaime begins to organize things, he calls David and tells him to return. Maripaz refuses to return. David went home and invented Maripaz could not return because he found the flight.

Ivan and Anthony come Alamos, Ivan admires all that has changed the city, she begins to remember, but you want to see Maripaz, it would explain a lot.
Juan Jaime invited to dinner and John Anthony, return plans and Saul Ivan Maripaz take to the clubs.

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David said Maripaz returns will not, but David remembered that the hotel is paid to the evening. And David said, Esther (Lucero Lander) and said that he could not consummate the marriage, he said. David wants to get help from a therapist, Esther tells her that her father does not approve.

Juan Jaime Ivan does not recognize when they see Anthony will be clear that this is his adopted son and manage all of their belongings.

Ivan is a walk, go to Saul and Lucy in the distance. Saul invites Lucy to dinner with Ivan, she agreed.

Carlota see the old photos with Lucy is one of Theodore, which could be similar to Ivan, Lucia.

Ivan and Anthony arrive at the house of Juan Jaime, with the family.

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